The field of oncology is continually changing, at macc we understand the challenge general practitioners face to maintain current knowledge in this specialised field.

Melbourne Animal Cancer Care is grateful for the opportunity to work with so many beautiful pets and their families. 

As on early 2021, macc closed its doors in Box Hill and moved to a neighbouring clinic in Camberwell. We continue to provide the same standard of care to both clients and pets however there have been some changes in the booking schedule and availability for appointments. At present, our consulting days in clinic are Monday and Thursdays. As such, we have limited capacity for referrals. If you or your client requires referral, it is best to contact our team (0456 152 554 or and we can arrange a time. In an effort to see new referrals, we are offering the initial consultation via a Telehealth appointment.

By partnering with macc, we can work with you to offer your clients’ specialised oncology care. This can ensure patients diagnosed with cancer have the opportunity to receive the most up-to-date options, compassionate care and specialist treatment available.

Cancer is a common and sometimes serious disease. Often people have had or will have personal experience with cancer either in themselves, a family member or a close friend. Bearing this in mind, cancer in pets should be approached in an educated, positive, and compassionate manner. The word “cancer” is emotive and often has a negative connotation.

However, not all cancers are fatal and more owners are becoming more proactive in seeking cancer care for their pets. With increased media attention, pet owners are becoming more knowledgeable regarding cancer and when they hear about advances in human medicine, they expect the same treatment options for their pets. As oncology is an ever changing field, it is important to maintain a good relationship with your local veterinary oncologist to ensure pet owners receive accurate information.

How can macc assist the family veterinarian?

By referring a client to macc you can take comfort in the knowledge that your clients and patients will receive the most current cancer advice from a registered veterinary specialist in oncology. We value and understand the long-term relationship many clients and pets have with you and your veterinary centre. Our goal is to compliment your existing service by keeping you abreast of your patient’s cancer treatment and management. Every time we see your patients, we will send a detailed report.

macc also has the facilities and training to handle specialised testing and administration of all anti-cancer agents whilst adhering to the WorkSafe cytotoxic regulations. We can also specialised products and treatments, such as the melanoma vaccine, which are not readily available to the general veterinary community. Finally, your patients and clients may have access to clinical trials and other research opportunities whilst undergoing treatment at our cancer centre.