At Melbourne Animal Cancer Care (macc) we focus our services around our patients and their families, we value the human animal bond.

macc is a privately owned veterinary oncology centre in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We are dedicated to the treatment of cancer in animals. macc was founded to provide compassionate, personalised care and support to you and your pets.

Clients visiting our clinic will be under the treatment of a registered veterinary specialist. Specialist veterinarians offer a greater understanding in knowledge in the field of oncology. This is particularly important for unusual, uncommon or rare cancers. Typically, specialists have undergone advanced training in veterinary medicine which includes an additional one year internship, followed by a 2-5 year residency. They then undergo vigorous examinations and have published research which has contributed to knowledge of cancer in pets.

macis proud to offer expertise cancer care with hope and healing.

macc now operates out of 896 Riversdale Road, Camberwell VIC. Whilst we share the building with other veterinary services, the cancer clinic operates separately with our own staff, computer systems and phone number (0456 152 554). We typically consult in person 2 days a week, these treatment days can be quite busy! They are generally on Monday and Thursdays, however this can change, in particular with public holidays. On the other days of the week, we undertake remote consultancy (Telehealth). This means you may receive calls from the Clinic on these days for follow up tests / laboratory results; however our phones are not active on these non clinic days. We also do the initial consultations via Telehealth on the non clinic days. This means clients can get in clinic and they do not have to travel for their first appointment. Initial consultations are used to review the medical history, discuss you pet’s situation and go through options for management. We rely on your primary care veterinarian’s physical exam findings for this appointment. If you chose to go ahead with testing or treatment, your pet will most likely be booked in for an in person appointment within the week.