Q. How do I make an appointment with macc?

A.  Appointments can made via phone (0456152554) on Monday and Thursdays or email (info@maccvet.com.au).

Q.  What does macc need from your clinic?

A. All we require is a referral from your clinic, with any medical history and laboratory results relevant to your patient’s cancer diagnosis.

Q.  What procedures can macc offer?

A.  There are many diagnostics to consider when cancer has been diagnosed. The decision to undertake these will depend upon the patient’s presentation, the client’s goals and budget and whether the results will affect treatment decisions. We will always thoroughly discuss this with clients. Some of the many tests macc offers include minimally invasive biopsies, bone marrow sampling and imaging including ultrasonography, CT and MRI.

Q.  Can vaccinations continue to be administered whilst a pet is treated with chemotherapy?

A. Recent research indicates it is safe to vaccinate pets while they are receiving chemotherapy. Although response to the vaccine may not be optimal, it appears that most pets respond normally and there is no increase in risk of adverse effects from the vaccine. However, we recommend waiting two months after chemotherapy to resume a vaccination schedule unless the pet is going into a high risk environment such as a cattery or kennels.

Flea and worming treatments can continue to be administered throughout treatment.