macc offers initial consultations for any types of cancer

macc offers initial consultations to clients via a Telehealth appointment. This 45 minute consultation provides an opportunity for you to speak to a veterinary oncologist to discuss your pet’s cancer, as well as your goals for handling the diagnosis of your pet’s cancer. Finally, macc will develop a personalised protocol or management plan that will suit the whole family. Sometimes the ‘standard of care’ treatment is not always the right option for your unique situation. 

Subsequent appointments are generally between 45 and 60 minutes depending on what treatments or tests are required. Your pet does not always need to be fasted for these appointments, please check with macc prior to your appointment regarding whether this is necessary.

There are many diagnostic tests or investigations that can be considered for cancer patients. These can include imaging such as radiographs, ultrasonography, CT scanning or MRIs, biopsy procedures, blood tests and bone marrow sampling. We will discuss these procedures in greater detail should they be recommended for your pet.

For all treatment appointments with macc we adhere to the strict guidelines regarding cytotoxic substances as outlined by WorkSafe . We also use the PhaSeal System for administering chemotherapy, ensuring the best quality of care for both staff and patients. The PhaSeal System is a closed system drug transfer device which eliminates potential harmful chemotherapy aerosols and eliminates environmental contaminant transfer.